International Commitee

The University preparing HF Science study is a recipient of EU Erasmus+ funding towards the STEM topics

Hf and VUC Roskilde is a participant in the EU Social Fund project "Evaluation of skills". The overall target is to entice more students to apply for STEM college degrees in Region Zealand, which has 800.000 inhabitants. The local target is to deliver quality STEM education including voluntary elements that would allow students to explore college - elements during their A-levels. The project is lead by Lene Mikkelsen at and ends ultimo 2021.

Dear visitor

We would be delighted to hear from you, if you are looking for a partner to a new international project. We would evaluate, whether the project would contribute pedagogical-didactical best practice, which could further the continual development of methods and teaching at HF & VUC Roskilde. We are the current holders of the following grants:

Nordplus, Nordic identity network, NPAD-2020/10037
Erasmus+, mobility on fine art & chemistry, KA-104-635C303F
EU Social Fund,
regional network on STEM, SFS-18-0019

I work with an advisory international commitee (Raino Hansen, rrk@ ), who would be pleased to organise a brief visit to our school. Our mission is to be the leaping board for students and hence our above mentioned approach to international collaborations is when tangible benefits are obtained. We have received and sent out staff for 5 day job shadowing experiences funded by the Nordplus and Eramus+ schemes.  

HF and VUC Roskilde contributes to academic research and in 2018 we appeared in a Japanese scholarly paper:  The article was written by the distinguished professor Shuji Toyoizumi, Dean of Gunma University. Our alumnus Miss Michella Beck presented the cause of the Danish second chance education - in Japanese. For the second visit Mr. Svend Holm, a senior teacher with training as a student councilor, explained his role in keeping the pass rates high.  

The scaleable app "VUC bliv klog" was released in May 2017 in Google Store for Denmark and it was paid in part with a governmental grant 2015-2017. The content and programming authors are here.

The international committee serves as an advisory board to me, as the Principal of the school, on all issues relating to international activities. We continuously strive to have well-educated staff and in our ranks, we have the individuals sponsored to have a taught MBA in project management, Master’s in pedagogy and courses to become student councilor etc.

Dorthe Jensen Lundqvist

Previous grants etc:
Lead: EU Erasmus+: KA104-2018-010
Lead: Nordplus: NPAD-2019-PV/10027
Jobshadowing from Turku, Finland and the teachers’s union of Slovenia.


If you are interested in being a part of our international network, please contact Dr. Raino Hansen on phone: (+45) 4012 5861 or e-mail here. 

Teacher Lis Eilertzen, Deputy Principal Jimmy Zander Hagen and teacher Raino Hansen.
Visit from Japan. From the left: Principal of VUC Roskilde - Dorthe Jensen Lundqvist, professor Shuji Toyoizumi, Dean of Gunma University and Raino Hansen.
We are grateful for the support from Region Zealand and Business Zealand as they have paid for the mandatory local share of the EU project costs.