Engelsk 0-B - Elearning

Engelsk 0-B - Elearning consists of 8 modules. There are both oral and written assignments. Furthermore, each module consists of one or two grammatical topics.


Module 1: Growing Up

The texts in this module are all about growing up, the focus is to introduce you to short story analysis.

Module 2: Short Films

This module focuses on short films. You will learn how to analyse a short film.

Module 3: Being British

In the module the theme is Being British. The focus will be on English as a Global Language and the British society today.

Module 4: Written exam paper

In this module you will practice how to write an English B written exam paper.

Module 5: Black America

In this module the focus is on black Americans. You will learn about slavery and racial segregation.

Module 6: Reading a novel

In this module you will read a novel.

Module 7: Term Paper

In this module you will have to complete a written term paper either at VUC Roskilde, Læderstræde 4, 4000 Roskilde, or at home.

Module 8: Australia

In this module the theme is Australia. The focus is on Australian history, the Bush and the Stolen Generations.