Engelsk B-A - Elearning

Engelsk B-A - Elearning consists of 8 modules. There are both oral and written assignments. Furthermore, each module consists of one or two grammatical topics.


Module 1: India - Past & Present

How has the British occupation of India influenced the Indian people? And what issues are India dealing with today? These are some of the things that will be the focus in this module.

Module 2: Minimalism

This module focuses on minimalism, especially short stories written by Ernest Hemmingway and Raymond Carver.

Module 3: New York City - Then & Now

In the module the theme is New York. The focus will be on the first immigration to New York City and New York City.

Module 4: Written exam paper

In this module you will practice how to write an English A written exam paper.

Module 5: Britain - Language & Immigration

In this module you will learn about Britain, its history, English as a Global Language, and the benefits and challenges with immigration in Britain.

Module 6: Love

In this module the focus is Shakespeare, The Renaissance, Romanticism and poem analysis.

Module 7: Term Paper

In this module you will have to complete a written term paper either at VUC Roskilde, Læderstræde 4, 4000 Roskilde, or at home.

Module 8: The American Dream and The Great Gatsby

In this module the theme is the American Dream. You will learn what the American Dream is, read a novel called “The Great Gatsby” and learn about speech analysis and modernism.